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Photo by Matt Kuhn



Photo by Amanda Laliberte


Jesse Savage – Wedding and Portrait Photographer

My name is Jesse and I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island.

When I’m not shooting, I enjoy spending time outside, hiking, reading, watching foreign films, listening to music and hanging out with my beautiful wife and kids.

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My philosophy and approach

Whenever I’m shooting, whether it be a wedding, a portrait or a family session, I am always looking for connection. I want to find what makes you tick. That instant when a person lets their guard down and truly exists in the moment… that is what I aim to capture. Weddings are full of these little moments throughout a day. The cool thing, is that they can happen when you least expect it and it can be in the form of happiness and laughter on a crowded dance floor, just as easily as it can happen in silence with just the bride and groom and a quick exchange of glances and a gentle touch.

When I photograph these moments, they help to tell a story. Not just a “story of your day” but a story that involves everyone you have ever known and loved and all of your hopes and dreams and experiences. It’s a story of your life so far and the ones that are gathered to celebrate that with you. That is what a wedding should be all about and what my photography aims to capture.

I’m an observer of your wedding and will document the day as it unfolds and the only way for that to happen, is naturally. I am a big fan of keeping it relaxed and fun. Gentle direction and laughter is usually the best recipe for good portraits. I use this approach when photographing families and it works just a well with weddings. It’s all about love and connection, no matter what the occasion.


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Jesse Savage – Wedding Photographer and Portrait Photographer